McDonald’s has a Happy Meal box that transforms into a VR headset

McDonald’s has taken its first tepid steps into the world of VR today through a surprising announcement: Happy Goggles – a VR headset made from a Happy Meal box.

Similar in design, function and composition to a Google Cardboard, the Happy Goggles can be assembled by taking apart a Happy Meal box and folding it into a headset that will work with your smartphone. Unlike a Google Cardboard, however, it’ll smell like fries and whatever passes for chicken nuggets these days.

Unfortunately for fast food-craving VR fans, these ‘Happy Goggles’ Happy Meal boxes will only be available for a limited run (about 3,500 in total) from 14 McDonald’s restaurants in Sweden. If the test run goes well, we could see Happy Goggles roll out to the rest of the world sooner rather than later.

But the cheap VR kit isn’t Mickie D’s only announcement. McDonald’s has also developed a VR, 360-degree ski game called “Slope Stars,” which, according to the fast-food giant, is endorsed by the Swedish National Ski team and will be available on mobile devices starting on Friday, March 4.

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You can check out the Happy Goggles in action in the video below.

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