Matrix Powerwatch: the watch you charge with your body heat

There are numerous technologies to facilitate long-term watches use without charge them or battery swap and Matrix Powerwatch brings something similar to the SmartWatch land.

The first watches with batteries represented a significant step forward.

In many ways, they were classified as revolutionary, because there was no need to turn your clock at regular intervals in order for it to continue operating.

Subsequently, there were automatic watches, which were based on kinetic energy, and the latter is fed from body movement.Unfortunately, all these technology advances have not increased in any way the SmartWatch autonomy.

Some of the best models boast with 7 to 10 days away from the outlet, but this is reflected in significant compromises functionality and, most often, a black and white screen.

A creative alternative to the problem of battery life in smart watches could come on the market as Matrix Powerwatch.

Illustrated in the image above, this is a SmartWatch with a classic design and an amalgam of advanced technology inside.

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Apparently, it will be able to feed almost exclusively from the heat of the human body.

Thus, under ideal conditions and if you don’t spend much time in the snow, should no longer need to charge it again.

“Powerwatch loads from body heat, and when you get it off, your data is saved to memory and enters in sleep mode. Put it back on your hand and it will continue where he left off. It includes up to a system for measuring electricity leaking from your body.”

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