Mass Effect Andromeda: A new “romance” for Scott with patch 1.08

Mass Effect: Andromeda updates and Scott Ryder will finally have a love story with Jaal.

mass effect andromeda

The novelties introduced with Update 1.08 are not limited to just the new “romance” that the famous protagonist can take with a member of his crew but adds other interesting novelties.

The character editor has been enhanced with the addition of new options that allow even deeper personalization.

Among the novelties are two new heads (a male and a female), a new option for the complexion and a wider range of skin colors. All hairstyles for both sexes have been unlocked and a new option for shaved hair has been implemented.

In addition, players wishing to change the look of their character will also be able to play it on board the Tempest.

Below is the official Changelog published by Bioware on the Mass Effect: Andromeda blog

Single player

  • Now you can change the look of Ryder on the Tempest
  • Increase the options available in the Characters Editor
  • Now Scott Ryder can have a love story with Jaal
  • Conversation with Hainly Abrams has been changed to change the flow of personal information that this character shares with Ryder
  • Fixed a Problem Creating the Nomad Shield Mission
  • Capsules and Nexus level points are conferred retroactively
  • Traders now sell mod for weapons also for level 60-71 players
  • Now merchants sell upgrades that change firearm mode (automatic fire, burst, single shot)
  • Now descriptions of improvements are clearer
  • Corrected plasma charge system for gun guns
  • Now the Radiation Emitter Improvement causes the weapon to fire a constant radius, with proportional damage to the second inflicted by the weapon
  • [PC] Added experimental support to Dolby Vision ™ technology
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  • Correct the stealth grid challenge
  • The Invaders do not snap more when they are within 10 meters of the target, and decelerate to the base rate
  • Correct the Invasion Movements when they attack, to reduce the chance that players see them attacking in the wrong direction
  • Enhanced forecasting of movements for certain enemies in confined spaces to reduce the frequency of “teleports”
  • Fixed an issue that prevented melee attacks if resuscitation icon was near the center of the screen
  • Fixed an audio problem that was occurring by collecting ammunition
  • Fixed an issue that prevented Correct Counterclock operation
  • Simultaneous Use of Fictitiousness and Recognized Viewer no longer increases the duration of invisibility for the turian agent
  • A problem resolved that some weight reduction modifications had no effect
  • Now the resuscitator kit transmitter displays the resuscitating radius in the equipment screen
  • Now by completing the Cobra RPG, the charging sequence is interrupted
  • Players now turn to the Ahdi during a synchronized attack to avoid “teleport” problems
  • Fixed a problem with the location of affected enemies
  • Improved audiovisual information for “ready” state in multiplayer lobby
  • Added the “Lights” option to the customization options

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