You can now manage tasks on mobile devices with Windows 10 thanks to the Flow Beta

Users of Android or iOS will surely sound IFTTT. It is a program that allows you to manage, program and optimize all types of tasks between applications.

Windows 10
Publish in blogger at a certain time, that when making a publication on Flickr the same happens on Tumblr and Instagram … many examples for a more than interesting application that from Microsoft want to stand face.

And since Redmond has announced that Flow, the service that aims to compete with IFTTT and seeks to improve the productivity of people in their work by automating tasks between their own types of services and some third parties, is already available in a way Beta for mobile devices running Windows 10.

In this way and thanks to Microsoft Flow, we can assign and schedule tasks automatically between more than 100 services that support. An automation that is carried out in a very similar way to the one offered by IFTTT, which works through relationships that we have previously established.

By means of the so-called flows, we establish a cause-effect relationship between two applications. If for example in OneNote we uploaded such content, we want it to be registered in our agenda and a new task added. Or if we receive an email from this or that person send us an email.

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The possibilities in this regard are enormous and once we try it becomes a tremendously addictive tool because of the ease of use it confers to our tasks in the day to day. In this way, Flow sees its presence grow, since it was already present in iOS and Android, arriving now at Windows 10 (it is curious that being Microsoft is the last platform to which it arrives).

Of course, in case you are interested in testing the Beta, you will not be able to download it in the traditional way and is that to do it sooner you will have to send an email to requesting the test. Once we receive a response, we must follow the instructions to participate in the Beta. Did you know IFTTT and tried it? And Flow, would you dare give it a try?

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