‘Magic Slot’ could be the LG G5’s secret, customisable edge over Samsung

LG looks set to make a big deal of a new customisable accessory range that will plug into the bottom of the G5, via a feature called the ‘Magic Slot’, to give the phone added functionality.

According to trusted leaker Evan Blass, writing on Venture Beat, the LG G5 will have a camera attachment at the bottom of the phone that you will be able to buy separately.

The LG Cam Plus will be a camera grip which gives you a number of hardware buttons like zoom, shutter release, and a toggle for the flash that attaches to the bottom of the phone.

Lg G5

It also, allegedly, includes a 1,100mAh battery pack as well to give the phone a bit of extra daily life.

Plug and play

The rumour is that LG will also announce another module called the DAC, made in conjunction with Bang and Olufsen, which will give a better native sound experience on the phone. It will enhance audio when routed through Android devices and PCs.

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How exactly these modules will plug into the LG G5 is still a little unclear.

A leaked render, which appeared on CNET Korea showing (pictured below) a removable battery at the bottom of the phone, might give us an idea of how it will work.


The “Magic Slot” idea could be inspired by the long-awaited Google Project Ara modular smartphone that would allow you to swap out elements of your phone to upgrade features, such as the camera sensor, without having to buy a new phone.

The LG G5 will be announced on February 21 at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

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