Five essential tools for the macOS menu bar

essential tools for the macOS menu bar

The menu bar is for many a great stranger in macOS. In addition to offering contextual menus according to the app, we are in, on the right side of different access to apps, tools or simply information of interest. Wi-Fi, time, date, battery … the default options are fine, but there are many other third parties that may prove useful.

What apps to install in the Mac menu bar

What third-party apps to install on the menu bar? The truth is that the variety is very broad, but depends solely on your needs. Some are a classic, others are unknown to many but when they discover they can not live without them, others are simply a curiosity. In any case, here are five to which you should give them a chance.

  • 1Password: Not only a great tool for the menu bar, but also for all your devices. With 1Password you can save all your passwords and files securely in one place. Thanks to the menu bar you can quickly access them and complete any access form.
  • iStats Menus: An app made for the menu bar, iStats Menus gives you access to different statistics and information of interest: time, notifications, CPU, battery, RAM … No one will inform you better than iStats Menus of the state of your Mac.
  • TripMode: We have already talked on more than one occasion of TripMode, this great little tool that allows us to cut the Internet access of each app as needed. It is ideal to save the Internet if we do not have broadband, and you can manage everything from the menu bar.
  • Amphetamine / Caffeine / Taurine: There are only three options, but there are a few more in the Mac App Store. If you need an app that prevents your Mac from sleeping, these are gaps of them, all work equally, all are just as useful.
  • Observe: Possibly the best app to know how you spend time in front of the computer. In addition, to automatically categorize your activities, it allows you to see at a glance in the menu bar the percentage of productivity that you have in what goes on a working day.
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