MacOS High Sierra has made you do not want to use any browser other than Safari

MacOS High Sierra

The browsers available for Mac devices are several, from Apple Safari to Opera or Firefox, without forgetting Chrome.

What is the best platform macOS?

Usually, users are split between Safari for being the default and Chrome, for being the Google. MacOS High Sierra may change things in the fall because the new Safari features make it incredible.

Three MacOS High Sierra Safari Features That Make It The Best

No automatic videos: There is probably nothing more annoying when surfing the Internet than the fact that you play a video automatically when you enter a page. Safari in MacOS High Sierra prevents any video from being played and much less allows for sound reproduction automatically.

No Cookies and Unwanted Crawls: As you well know, the Internet business is based on advertising. For every search you make, your preferences and interests will be saved and you will then see ads related to your searches.

This is due to cookies, but Safari in macOS High Sierra will automatically prevent you from tracking your searches and interests so that you do not always appear ads of what you have searched on the web.

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Custom settings for each page: Not all pages show the same and not all pages you want to be taught the same. In Safari for macOS High Sierra, you can customize the preferences of each page by clicking on its title.

You can enable reading mode, content blockers, adjust the zoom, allowing automatic playback and give access to the microphone, camera, and location.

Safari enhancements for MacOS High Sierra do not stay there, it also significantly increases the browsing speed or improves autonomy when playing content. On the other hand, the integration is much greater with Siri and other parts of the system.

All this, in the long run, do not want to use another browser as Chrome because it has more tools, simply because none is as comfortable and integrated as Safari

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