MacBook Pro 2011 with Video Problems: Apple Repair Program

The extended MacBook Pro repair program for video problems was triggered by Apple in February 2015 and offers the option of asking for repair free of charge in the event of distorted or missing video image problems or unexpected system restart events.

MacBook Pro repair program
The official support page has been updated on 19 May and a list of MacBooks eligible to receive free support has disappeared several 2011 models.

Specifically, they will not enjoy free repair:

  • MacBook Pro 15 “start 2011
  • MacBook Pro 15 “end 2011
  • MacBook Pro 17 “start 2011
  • MacBook Pro 15 “end 2011

They can still benefit from free repair, on the contrary:

  • MacBook Pro Retina 15 “mid-2012
  • MacBook Pro Retina 15 “mid-2013

Please note that the program is officially terminated on December 31, 2016, but remains valid for the four years following the purchase.

More information about the assistance procedure can be found here.

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