Mac, Windows, and Linux computers, which is more productive?

Mac, Windows, and Linux computers, which is more productive?

Vanson Vourne has conducted a survey for Jamf, whose results show the high satisfaction felt by employees of different departments of companies when using Mac, mainly because, among other reasons, they see them easier to use and give fewer problems than PC (we assume that with Windows only).

The introduction shows that Vanson Vourne has surveyed Jamf’s IT (Information Technology) clients over the last year, finding out from the company that commissioned the survey that the type of device does matter in the job and that the 72 % would choose Mac if they gave him the opportunity to choose.

The continuous growth of the use of Apple computers in corporate environments is something that has also been noticed in the management of the company that commissioned the survey since between the end of 2017 and the end of 2018 it was 48% more of units of said devices. With regard to employees, it has covered those found in departments such as IT, human resources, marketing, engineering, sales, and business development, among others.

However, the reasons why most of the employees prefer Mac start to flop just ask them for the main reasons since the first has been because of they like Apple products, followed by the greater reliability of Mac versus PC and that they work best with the applications and resources they need for the job. Other reasons have been the design, continuity (which refers to the strong integration with other Apple products such as iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch), familiarity (because they use it at home), collaboration and ease of use.

As a result of using Apple computers, 97% responded that their productivity improved, 95% their creativity, 94% self-sufficiency using technology and 91% collaboration. Here we find the absence of more specific data, because, in what does it make you more productive to use Microsoft Office on Mac versus Windows ?, in what makes you more productive use NetBeans or Android Studio on Mac versus using it on Windows or Linux? We are not going to say that the data are false, but it is no less true that they appeal to too generic contexts that prevent us from seeing to what extent they are supported by real technical terms.

The applications are another section in which the respondents show a strong preference for computers of the Cupertino brand. 89% responded that Mac applications are easier to use than those available for other systems. Here, as in the previous paragraph, we find a generic context that does not shed much light on what applications and why. With a panorama increasingly dominated by multiplatform solutions, the choice between one operating system or another ends up being, in many situations, more a matter of taste than something sustained in technical aspects.

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On the ease of finding applications, 94% of respondents said they found it easier to find applications and other resources for their work on Mac, influenced by the fact that 65% search the App Store for what they need. Here Microsoft Office has been excluded since it has not been present in the aforementioned store until recently.

After everything mentioned so far, it is to praise the great ability of Apple to build user loyalty. 79% responded that now they could not work equally effectively without using a Mac, while 83% of IT and Human Resources employees responded that they feel that Apple computers are currently critical to carry out their work in a manner correct

In terms of reliability, it can be said that there is more “tangible” data. 40% of respondents said they had not experienced any problems with their Mac computers in the last 12 months. Regarding the main incidents they face, the first ones are network ones, and 74% have seen that the problems have decreased from PC to Mac. This is reinforced by the fact that 80% used PCs before computers from Apple.

The survey shows that 97% of workers have said that it is important for them that their company allows them to use an application of their choice. When they were asked about why they value the possibility of choosing the device they want, 85% answered that to be more productive, 82% to be more creative and 80% feel that it is more valued by their company.

As we can see, this survey follows the trend of high satisfaction that Apple products, but beyond assessing whether Mac is better than Windows and Linux, the expansion of multiplatform technologies is making the use of the operating system increasingly irrelevant, so that the “greater productivity” could be adjusted more to personal than technical criteria, something that is at least partially reflected here.

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