Mac and iPad share in schools breaks down

Traditionally, Apple in education always held a higher market share – particularly strong in the US, where Macs and then later iPads dominated the picture.

Mac and iPad

Since the early days of Apple, Apple has been very active in the field of education and has always been interested in a distribution that could only be dreamed of in the overall market.

According to current figures, Apple but a certain competitor strongly. When Google launched the Chromebooks, the concept was smiled at by many sides.

In the meantime, Chrome OS in the US is already at 58 percent market share in schools – in 2014 it was still 38 percent. IOS, on the other hand, fell sharply in the same period and declined from 26 to 14 percent.

The Mac slid from 8 to 5 percent of the purchased equipment for the school system

Thus, the statement remains valid, Apple looks at high market shares in the education sector, but the trend is clear. Year after year, Chromebooks are setting new record rates, which is primarily the cost of Mac and iPad.

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Android, on the other hand, is almost unrepresented and comes down to a meager one percent. An interesting development is shown in Windows-based systems.

In the US, this figure accounts for just 22 percent, which corresponds to a decline of three percentage points within two years. Worldwide, however, it looks completely different and Windows is massively expanding the market share.

While in 2014 just 47 percent of the new acquisitions were operated with Windows, this figure was already 65 percent last year.

In the same period, Android lost significantly in importance and decreased from 36 percent to 17 percent. The Mac continues to play almost no role and bounces at two percent.

Chrome OS is also not very often represented and makes 6 percent, iOS is 9 per cent – the same value as two years ago.

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