Likely HTC One M10 specs leaked under codename ‘Perfume’

After the HTC One M9 failed to make a lasting impression in 2015, HTC needs a spritz of something fresh to re-ignite a spark of interest for its flagship smartphone in 2016. And based on a recent (and amazingly detailed) leak, a phone known internally by the codename “Perfume” could be just the phone it needs to do so. But, is it the HTC One M10? Probably.

Starting from the inside and working our way out, an anonymous source told VentureBeat that the next smartphone underwraps at the Taiwanese company will house a 5.1″ QHD display running at 2560 x 1440. The Snapdragon 820, Qualcomm’s latest system-on-chip (SoC) and the Adreno 530 GPU are said to be the muscle powering the device.

It’s also rumored that HTC’s Perfume will run on a pairing of Android Marshmallow with its next-generation UI, Sense 8.0, overlaying the experience. The source noted that it could have 4GB of RAM, 32GB of onboard storage, and (crossing our fingers for this one) a microSD slot to allow for expandable storage.

One final feature worth gleaning from the leak could be big news for those who love to snap photos. The leak points at its rear-facing camera, which is dropping the 20MP sensor found in the HTC One M9 in favor of a 12 UltraPixel camera with laser-assisted autofocus.

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Details on its appearance are vague and the source who spent time with the device indicated that its look is likely to under the knife once again before it makes its public debut. But HTC’s signature BoomSound, its dual-channel speaker setup that’s been a big selling point, is one feature that’s reportedly hit the cutting room’s floor already.

For all we know, which isn’t a lot at this point, Perfume will most likely be familiar when (and if) it materializes, but it could look a lot like the HTC One A9.

We’re skeptical that HTC will launch its phone at next month’s MWC 2016 in Barcelona. But, keep checking back, as we could find out even more about Perfume in the meantime.

Via VentureBeat

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