LG Watch Style: High resolution pictures and price of the Google Watch leaked

The rumors about the upcoming LG watches become concrete: recently appeared blurry images of allegedly suffered by Google supervision smartwatches on, thanks, @evleaks there are now at least of the lower-priced LG Watch Style to examine and render high definition material.

The smaller model of the SmartWatches is, therefore, open in at least two execution: In silver and gold – latest rumors also called a titanium-variant, which was, however, not yet seen.

Both versions have also evidently a leather strap, however, alternative packages with a metal band and feasible on the smartwatch market are not uncommon.

Particularly striking is the rest, the abstinence of a Google logo.

According to recent reports, it is of the LG Watch Style and the slightly larger LG Watch Sport made around under Nexus-like conditions of Representatives for Android Wear 2.0 which will appear in early February.

Maybe but that was just one in March or a misinterpretation of the aid Google.

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Finally, the US company is likely to be interested, given the current stagnation, the smartwatch market again to boost something.

Since it is quite conceivable that LG was especially supported by Google to create the new Android Wear version appropriate stage.

LG Watch Style and Sport: Debut devices for Android Wear 2.0

According to the current information, the watches certainly be appealing. A circular display, so at least the dominant opinion, aesthetically appealing than the square meters of various competitors.

In addition, LG quality materials appear to use – at least than about a plastic bracelet, which Sony maintains equip its smart watches.

The leaked specifications (see table below) are also appealing: While the LG Watch Sport is technically at the level and accordingly is also likely to be slightly more expensive, the LG WatchStyle appear with a solid overall package probably at an attractive entry price into the SmartWatch world.

The LG Watch Style and Watch Sports are expected along with introduced Android Wear 2.0 on 9 February

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  • […] The LG Watch Style and Watch Sports are expected along with introduced Android Wear 2.0 on 9 February  […]