LG V30 and UX 6.0+: floating action bar, always-on improved and unlocked face

LG V30

Nearly two weeks after the official presentation of the highly anticipated LG V30, the first details of what will be the new onboard personalization software, revisited in several respects, will be even more user-friendly and intuitive to use.

Through a press release distributed directly by LG, we first come into contact with UX 6.0+, an interface specifically designed for the new 18: 9 OLED FullVision display, so that it fully exploits all its potential.

The first feature is a semi-transparent floating bar that can be positioned anywhere on the screen, allowing quick access to some of the most commonly used features.

The always-on feature has been further improved than in the past: when the display is off, the AOD will no longer display the clock, but it can be customized to display a variety of features, music player or a photo of your own gallery.

Then we go to Graphy, a set of manual controls for the camera that can offer countless presets or take action on shutter speeds such as white balance, shutter speed, aperture, and ISO.

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Various shooting modes such as auto, grid, and snapshot are easily grouped under a menu to facilitate selection. Animated GIFs can be created quickly from the gallery itself, while the Create Movie option lets you create short movies using photos and/or videos using an easy-to-use editor.

LG V30Finally, they could not miss new features dedicated to unlocking the device. Using face recognition, the LG V30 can be unlocked instantly via the front camera even when the display is off without having to use the power button as well as other smartphones.

Voice recognition uses instead a combination of the user’s voice and some automatically generated keywords (ideally three or five combined syllables) to unlock LG V30 without the need to press any button.

All this is possible thanks to the support of Qualcomm Aqstic UI Voice, a technology capable of recognizing a certain voice stamp at any time, without adversely affecting the battery.

Last but not least, the haptic feedback of the LG V30 can be customized by vibration, combining different ringtones.

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