The LG V30 and LG G7 would hit the market ahead of schedule

The competition in the mobile sector is fierce, more and more. Device manufacturers are struggling to get a top-of-the-line position and use all the weapons at their fingertips, from offering the best hardware to a complete software.

lg v30

But there are more variables that affect in that competition and the moment of the launch is one of them.

Just a few days ago we were talking about the Galaxy Note 8 could arrive ahead of schedule to get ahead of the iPhone and now LG is the brand that starts a rumor in the same line. According to sources in South Korea, the firm could be planning to launch the LG V30 and LG G7 ahead of schedule to ahead of the competition.

LG V30 in August and LG G7 in January

If we had to highlight the more advanced terminals of LG, those would be without a doubt those belonging to the series G and V, which are precisely those that the firm would be proposing to advance.

Traditionally, the LG V have been announced at the end of summer, specifically, the LG V10 was released in October 2015, while the LG V20 arrived in September last year.

For its part, the LG G series has been progressing almost since the arrival of the first model, the LG G2, which was announced in September 2013, to the LG G6 this year that we could meet in February during the Mobile World Congress.

According to rumors, the company could announce the LG V30 next month of August, although we do not know the exact date.

If they choose the end of August we would already be at the IFA fair, which this year begins on September 1st, but if they announce it early it is possible that it will be in stores in time for the Berlin event where the competition is expected Announce more devices.

Here the Samsung calendar would be crucial, as it is still not entirely clear if the Galaxy Note 8 will arrive in early August or postpone until the IFA fair.

However, so far the LG V series has remained exclusively in the United States, so an announcement in Berlin seems unlikely.

The terminal that will arrive in all the world will be the LG G7, the next flagship of the brand. In this case, these first clues point to a launch in January, which could place it at the CES fair in Las Vegas, an event more focused on consumer electronics than on smartphones.

This year, LG already advanced the presentation of the G6 to take advantage of the delay of the Samsung Galaxy S8, although finally there was not so much difference between the launching of both models, reason why it would not be crazy that this year they wanted to extend even more the margin.

It is still too early to know details of the LG G7, but there are already some filtered schemes that point to a design with a screen even tighter to the edge. We will have to wait until 2018 to know more details.