LG G5 may have a very inventive way to remove the battery

Rumours suggesting the LG G5 is going to have a removable battery have just got a little more interesting. It appears that, unlike the LG G4, you won’t be able to pop the back cover off to swap the battery.

A new picture, revealed by trusted website NoWhereElse, shows the box for the G5 that suggests the battery will pop out from the bottom of the phone instead.

The concept is called the “Magic Slot”, something we’ve already reported on. A previous leak revealed some camera and battery module packs that you’ll (allegedly) be able to buy separately and attach to the phone.

Hot swapping

It would mean the LG G5 can keep a full metal unibody design without having to lose the benefits of having a removable battery. Although it suggests the phone has a slightly modular design, it doesn’t seem to work exactly like Google’s Project Ara prototype phone.

We can’t confirm the box is from a legitimate source, but the information on the front agrees with an eye-witness image that leaked out on CNET Korea a couple of weeks ago.

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Source: CNET Korea

What’s worth noting is the size of the battery compared to how large we think the phone will be. It may be that LG has chosen to go with a smaller battery pack and focus on the fact you can remove it, which may mean a reduced daily charge when compared to the G4.

LG is hosting a press conference on Sunday 21 February at MWC where it has confirmed it will be showing off the LG G5.

[Main image credit: nowhereelse.fr]

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