LG G5 launch confirmed for February 21, plus some ‘new friends’

LG isn’t just throwing around hints about its upcoming smartphone launch, it’s loudly telling everyone that the official LG G5 launch date is February 21 in Barcelona.

This part of the story isn’t much of a surprise because we received LG’s “save the date” notice for a MWC 2016 press conference three weeks ago. Today’s tweet just backs up our LG G5 assumptions.

However, the latest LG invitation that went out today hints that there’s more to the event than its latest and greatest phone with Android 6.0 Marshmallow. That’s right, its flagship device may not be alone.

“Come meet new friends on the playground,” reads the intriguing invite, which suggests there’s more than one major announcement happening on February 21.

LG 360 VR?

There are three characters depicted on the invite: a robot, biplane and what looks to be a wizard goldfish, says Techradar’s office consensus.

LG G5 invite MWC

Some companies like Google are experimenting with robots, but we don’t think that’s where LG is headed. LG confirmed that it wants to sell two flagship phones a year, but two at once doesn’t seem right either.

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Instead, its playground of characters may just hint at a virtual fantasy world. The idea of virtual reality goes along with the suggestion earlier today that there’s a product called LG 360 VR, as tweeted by leaks expert Evan Blass earlier this morning.

That makes sense. After all, everyone else is getting into VR, from the Samsung Gear VR and Oculus Rift, to the forthcoming HTC Vive and maybe even an Apple VR headset. We’ve been eagerly awaiting LG to enter the fray.

Of course, all of these are assumption based on one leak and a ridiculous looking official invite in the last 24 hours. There’s clearly more to be said on February 21.

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