Kogan Mobile gets a 70 per cent price cut

Kogan Mobile may have risen from the dead last year when it partnered with Vodafone, but the network isn’t sitting idle.

Up until the end of March, the carrier has slashed the price of its monthly data plans by 70 per cent, making it one of the cheapest offerings on the market.

The Kogan Mobile 3XL recharge, which features 3GB of data alongside unlimited talk and text, has dropped from $29.90 for 30 days to $8.95.

Similarly, the 5XL recharge (which comes with 5GB of data) has dropped from $36.90 to just $10.95.

Would you like a SIM with that?

You will need a Kogan SIM card to get on board these savings, which will set you back an addition $4.95.

The deal is set to run until the end of March, although there is the possibility of it being extended according to the fine print. That means you should be able to get a couple of months of Kogan Mobile service at this price point.

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The Kogan Mobile network runs on Vodafone’s 3G network, so if you absolutely require 4G speeds, this probably isn’t the deal for you.

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