Kia at CES 2016: it’s all about autonomous driving

Kia has revealed its plans for CES 2016, and they revolve around two words: autonomous driving.

While still light on specifics, Kia said its January 5 press conference will serve as the “global debut of its dedicated autonomous driving program.” The Optima maker will dive into its future vision, strategy and new technologies during the presser.

Kia also plans to discuss the moves its made in the connected car space, though, truthfully, we’re most excited for the self-driving goods.

The auto company announced earlier this week that its been approved to test its self-driving technologies on public roads in Nevada. It also set a goal of introducing partially autonomous driving tech to its cars by 2020 and, fingers crossed, will deliver fully autonomous vehicles to the public by 2030.

Kia and its sister firm Hyundai are investing $2 billion by 2018 to help develop a new Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) and hire more engineers to drive (pardon the pun) innovation.

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