Is this the keyboard that Razer is preparing for Xbox One?

One of the best aspects of the Xbox One mouse and keyboard system that can already be enjoyed in several of its games (including Fortnite ) is that we can take advantage of virtually any that we have on hand. However, Microsoft has partnered with Razer to offer a line designed for Xbox. What does that mean?

Through its official website, and accompanying the date on which these accessories will be presented officially, a very unique keyboard has been shown. Enough to know where the shots will go in front of these peripherals designed for console.

The essential: at the level of detail, this keyboard shows a more solid and robust finish, adding a pull-down tray to the right designed for the mouse. The mouse model, on the other hand, does not seem to be a novelty in the Razer catalog, coinciding – at least in design – with the Razer Basilisk.

A very curious detail: this keyboard has its own Xbox key right next to the right Ctrl.

But beyond this, the base of the keys suggests the use of mechanical switch technology as well as the use of backlighting. Something that is imposed more frequently on the keyboards of Razer.

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Something that does not catch us new: in the X018 Major Nelson already confirmed that it was working for game developers to add a dynamic lighting functionality so that what happens on screen or the game sensations that you want to project would have effects on keyboard illumination.

What we know: regardless of what the final model is, the ones that will be presented will be the first wireless keyboards and mice designed and licensed for Xbox One. And they will have state-of-the-art technology.

Although of course, in terms of materials and price, nothing has been said at the moment. Razer and Microsoft summon us to January 8, 2019, to offer new details.

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