Julian Assange believes that Google is working with Hillary Clinton

Wikileaks scandal made history as the first and greatest security breach organized by a man against Western intelligence services and state secrets held by large Western countries, including America.

After being chased through the world for years, Julian Assange, founder of the Wikileaks , is now “exiled” in Ecuador’s embassy in London, awaiting the UN decision.

But that did not prevent him from taking part in certain events sometimes. Of course, we are talking about a direct, but the video conferencing through Skype or other such programs.

Most recently, he appeared in a forum organized by the agency Rossiya Segodnya, and his statements were very interesting. The main target entity was Google, a company that Assange has accused her of taking part in a campaign promoting “American exceptionalism.”

Moreover, Assange said that the giant from Mountain View would be involved in the campaign of Hillary Clinton, who most likely will run for the presidency of the United States in the future.

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The man behind WikiLeaks also said that Hillary Clinton would like to give the impression that wars start in the near future, benefiting from the skills needed to justify military action in various regions of the world.

Apparently, the event organized by the Russian people from 30 countries participating, the main theme being the changes through which journalism today.

Reporters would be filmed, among other things, a neighborhood that they are very close to downtown and where people argue that it would be marginalized.

I saw garbage on the streets, abandoned buildings and many people miserable. One of them claimed to have fought in the Revolution of December and was injured, and now lives in a shabby studio. True, many of these things exist.

But they are a consequence of our approach to NATO and the European Union, but the result of our own indifference and failed policies in recent years.

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