JDI unveils 651 ppi display for VR app

The Google Pixel XL smartphone has a 5.5 inch, 2560 x 1440 pixel display with 534 pixels per inch (PPI).

When you’re holding it in your hands, it’s tough to see where one-pixel ends and the next begins.

But stick it into a Daydream View VR headset and the lenses change the focal distance so that there’s a sort of “screen door” effect when you’re watching videos, playing games, or interacting with other apps.

The company says the 1700 x 1440 pixel LTPS (low-temperature polysilicon) display is designed specifically for virtual reality applications and supports a 90 Hz refresh rate and response times between 3 and 6 ms to help reduce motion blur effects.

As the image above shows, 651 pixels per inch is better than 400 for reducing the screen door effect… but it’s still not exactly perfect when you zoom in for fine detail.

But Japan Display’s not stopping at 651, working on an 800 ppi version.

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