iTunes will be available in the Windows Store

Microsoft has announced this afternoon in the second keynote of its developer event BUILD: iTunes will be available for download from the Windows Store, the official catalog of applications that Microsoft is promoting in Windows 10.

Windows Store

It is a movement that we were not expecting nor By the way.

For Apple is an advantage: makes iTunes much more accessible to the millions of Windows users who can access the store.

And not just iTunes, but also the music streaming service Apple Music.

It can be a good opportunity to attract even more subscribers.

Alliance to strengthen the official catalogs of applications

What Microsoft wins is that a large company like Apple accepts the conditions of Microsoft to enter its official application store. It encourages other developers to enter the store, making it a more attractive place for users to take into account when looking for programs.

That also makes iTunes available in Windows 10S, the new, free educational version of Windows 10 (it does not look like Google Chrome is going to do this, for example).

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The event has also promoted a kind of “Continuity” for iOS devices, something that makes the idea of working with iPhones and computers using Windows 10 more pleasant.

We will be able to copy and paste clipboard elements between devices, and open applications that We have closed on other devices we have left behind.

It’s a good way to draw attention to competition users: be compatible with everything so that consumers enter your platform almost without realizing it.

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