The iPod nano 6th generation goes down in history: Apple considers it officially obsolete

In the cover of the success of the iPod, one that was recorded in the memory of many was the iPod nano of 6th generation.

Yes, that square iPod touch screen to which you could add a strap and turn it into a watch. Officially, Apple no longer repairs it if you have a problem with it.

As stated in MacRumors, the iPod nano 6th is considered by Apple an obsolete product. Like other products on the list of obsolete devices, it stops receiving official support from the company and usually occurs several years after being removed from the market.

The 6th generation iPod nano came in 2010 and Apple stopped manufacturing it in September 2012. Therefore, five years later, it is left to repair out of warranty.

For many, this was Apple’s first Apple Watch, as well as the music player, came with a Nike + app for sports and a series of “spheres” to show the time. Apple actually sold third-party belts to the Apple Store to turn it into a watch.

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Little by little, iPods leave the Apple ecosystem. The last time Apple updated its iPod nano line was in July 2015 updating the colors of it.

However, the company officially suspended its iPod nano and iPod shuffle line earlier this year.

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