The iPhone X is a success: the demand in China and the United States continues to grow

iPhone X
Today we are seeing how in stores in the United States you can buy and take an iPhone X without waiting, instantly.

And one can deduce that this means that there is a lower than normal demand, but it does not seem to be the case. AppleInsider reflects market studies in which it is suggested that the iPhone X demand is still high.

In addition, 66 out of every 100 respondents in those market studies claim to want the more expensive 256 GB model (this is enough with the 64 GB). There was concern about sales due to its high price, but it seems that the iPhone X is also on track to be a best seller.

Sales and high prices everywhere

Somehow, Apple has managed to quickly meet the demand of the phone in a matter of a few weeks. In parallel, accessories such as AirPods are quickly sold out in what may already be the star gift of this Christmas. With this scenario, it is no wonder that the forecasts for the next financial results are optimistic.

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In parallel, and due to an increase in the import rates of electronic products in India, Apple has increased the price of iPhones in that country. After the rise, the 256GB iPhone X costs a whopping $ 1647 in that market.

The only one that is saved from the increase is the iPhone SE because it occurs within the same territory.

We do not have any doubts: Apple is going from strength to strength.

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