iPhone and iPad Safari crash is now fixed

iPhone, iPad and Mac users the world over have been experiencing a bug today that crashes Safari whenever you try to enter something into the browser – but the issue is now fixed.

The original bug meant the app crashed whenever you tried to enter any text in the main bar on the app (with a single tap shutting down the browser), making it impossible to use properly.

The cause was rooted with Safari Suggestions, with the original fix to just switch off the feature in the settings and browse as normal.

Apple has seemingly released a fix in super-fast time meaning the issue is now resolved across iPhone, iPad and Mac – our test devices, which were crashing this morning, are now up and running again, so it appears the problem is over.

If you’re still experiencing the issue it’s worth giving Safari a bit of a jump start and restarting the app or clearing the cache – that should get things working sleekly once more.

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