iPhone 8, a week of rumors and concepts of the next Apple terminal

iphone 8 rumors

As the date of the next iPhone approaches, the fog is dissipating. The “production problems” and “delays” have begun to say that everything goes like silk and that Apple is following the launch plan as planned.

As has happened with previous terminals of the company. That said, it is time to review the news, concepts, and rumors that have come out throughout the week:

Personally, I bet on a design that embraces that peninsula and disguises it in black.

  • Several websites have been made with models of the next iPhone 8 aimed at accessories manufacturers. Among them is MacRumors that shows us a white in the top video. It mixes a design reminiscent of the iPhone 4 and the current generation, but where it crashes the white front with the peculiar form of the screen of this supposed iPhone 8. If the screen is confirmed, this is one of the reasons why I personally see Apple Returns to the black front for all its colors.
  • If the iPhone 8 does not have a physical but virtual button, it does not have to be confined to a specific place or dimension. It is the advantage of the software on the hardware and thus has found indications in the HomePod firmware, a filtration whose extension and random data avoids the possibility that it is intentional.
  • At this point in the game, the mockups do not stop coming out and we already have one with the terminal that almost nobody talks about: the iPhone 7s Plus. In the top video, the author compares this device to the current iPhone 7 Plus and the rumored look of the iPhone 8. Shaped similar to the previous generation, it would blend the metallic and glass edge of the new iPhone badge.
  • Even more HomePod leaks: notifications that do not ring when you look at the phone and unlock the terminal even when it is on a flat surface.
  • New generation, new color. According to some photos published on a Chinese website, we will see a color called ” copper gold ” that could be a mixture of gold colors and pink gold present. It would be christened copper gold.
  • The dual cameras of the iPhone 8 will be in the back but also in the frontal, to enable the unlocking facial with images in three dimensions. In line with this, Apple would have advanced $ 200 million to Lumentum, the supplier of these sensors to reserve their production for the remainder of the year. The order is considered “massive” compared to the previous quarter of the company where sensors were sold for only $ 5 million.
  • And finally, a rumor unrelated to the iPhone 8. According to Fast Company, Apple is working with several manufacturers of accessories to adopt the Smart Connector in future products for the iPad Pro.
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