iPhone 7 launch could debut original TV shows from Apple

If you feel like every week there’s a new rumor about Apple putting together either an all-out streaming service similar to Sling TV, or a Netflix competitor fueled by original content, you’re not wrong. There is.

This week’s rumor, however, comes from a so-far-solid source: 9to5Mac. In a report published today, a source from TheStreet says that Apple is currently in early stages of negotiations for its own original series.

While it sounds like no deals have fallen into place yet, the report claims that Apple’s dead-set on getting something in place by the time the iPhone 7 launches in September.

According to the report, “The Cupertino-based tech giant began sounding out Hollywood’s creative community late last year, but has yet to sign any agreements, according to two people with knowledge of the overtures. One plan is to have deals in place so Apple can announce exclusive content as part of a cable-like offering in September, when it is expected to unveil its iPhone 7, said one of the people.”

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Of course, without any confirmation from Apple, this is just another rumor in a long string of red herrings that lead all the way back to the beginning of Apple TV.

Still, an Apple-esque version of Netflix that comes packed with original content would be pretty amazing.

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