iPhone 7 Jailbreak was developed within 24 hours of a 19 year old

With each new generation of iPhones, Apple hackers make life a little more difficult, adding new layers of security to prevent the jailbreaking process.

Of course, there was not, until now an Apple smartphone that can not be fully unlocked, iPhone 7 already being the victim of a hacker named Luca Todesco, a young man of 19 who managed to cross the Apple security system in just 24 hours.

The phone arrived in stores in the United States on September 16 and Todesco, known by the nickname “qwertyuiop” made a jailbreak repeatable system in just 24 hours after he put his hand on the new phone.

He admitted that Apple has improved the security of iOS in October, but it will never be enough to completely block hacking.

The unlocked phone to offer such access to the entire operating system without Apple limits, unofficial applications can be installed, along with changes in the operating system, strictly prohibited in the normal version.

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Luca Todesco has not revealed the method by which anyone can unlock the iPhone 7 and is thinking to launch it only after Apple will release the next version of the operating system.

Although Todesco is the first who presented videos on the Internet with the iPhone 7 jailbreak in July, it is not necessarily the first hacker who managed.

Internet rumors are already suggesting that a team of hackers in China have achieved this performance, so sooner or later someone will reveal all to the public.

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