Giant Tablets catch the public – iPad vs. Surface Pro 4

It seems that 2015 will go down in history, among others, as the year in which giant tablets such as iPad Pro or Surface Pro have influenced our habits to use such gadgets sensitive to touch.

In the last quarter of last year, those from Apple, after years of speculation, have announced iPad Pro.

Even if, however, had significantly less time in stores, it was sold better than Microsoft Surface, the latest tablet main competitor in this market segment.

The latest study of the IDC on the subject confirms 2 million iPads sold in the same period in Pro which only 1.6 million were purchased Surface gadgets. Victoria recorded by Apple in this market segment is even more impressive tablet market overall is in perpetual decline.

Each year globally sold 10 percent fewer devices of this kind. The popularity of Surface tablets is also a cause for joy for Microsoft, but it is increasingly evident that many content creators have confidence in a giant tablet made by engineers in Cupertino giant.

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In terms of tablets, Microsoft has sold 29% more units from year to year, evidence of both the potential of this type of gadgets and that the Redmond giant has improved its products over the first tablet Surface launched at the end 2012.

In terms of prices tablets giant, it seems they are not very relevant in defining the success of the products. Microsoft, for example, sold more units than the Surface Pro 4, Surface ieftinele more than 3.

“With these results, it is clear that price is not the most important feature which should be considered when you buy a tablet with detachable keyboard, the performance is.” Jean Philippe Bouchard, research director of IDC in tablets synthesized very well in this new market trend of oversized tablets.

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