There are already more devices with iOS 11 than with iOS 10, according to estimates of Mixpanel

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The adoption of iOS 11 is a breeze. The analytical company Mixpanel has estimated, with its own figures, that there are already more users using iOS 11 than iOS 10.

iOS 11 would now represent 48.61% of iOS devices, while iOS 10 would still be 45.46% of those devices. The remaining 5.93% would be devices where iOS 9 or earlier versions of the system are still in use.

Mixpanel is a company that has already given us interesting facts in the past. That’s good news for Apple, who always wants the vast majority of people to use the latest version of iOS.

Not only because of a security issue, but also so that developers are encouraged to implement the latest system features knowing that many people will be able to take advantage of them.

A slower adoption than iOS 10, but equally excellent

It must be said that even with these figures, the adoption of iOS 11 is being slower than iOS 10. It took two weeks to exceed iOS 9, while iOS 11 took more than three. But anyway we are talking about very small fractions of time for hundreds of millions of people to update their devices.

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Now the trend should go forward. In a few months, iOS 10 should become a residual-use version such as iOS 9 now. Compatibility of the system with fairly old phones and update reminders that have the same iOS should make it easier.

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