In iOS 11 the multitasking no longer opens with 3D Touch, and it is an intentional decision by Apple, not a bug

In iOS 10 we could press hard on the left edge of the iPhone screen to open the multitasking. In the same way, by completely sliding to the right, we switched directly to the previous application.

This is something that completely disappeared in iOS 11 both in the first beta and in the second, none of these gestures works, and it seems that neither will in future versions.

A developer decided to contact these days with Apple to ask about it and see if it was simply a mistake of the early betas, as everyone assumed. But to everyone’s surprise, Apple has responded by stating that this is not an error, but a deliberate decision to remove the iOS gesture.

The feature has worked correctly and has never given problems to users with false positives for example. So, if it is intentionally removed, it can point us to clues that you are probably considering another way to access multitasking directly from the screen without the Home button.

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If it is true that Apple removes the Home physical button of the iPhone 8, and if this gesture will not return in future betas of iOS 11 … How will we access the multitasking?

Everything indicates that with the launch of the iPhone 8 we will see a new way of accessing the multitasking that is neither by pressing on the left edge nor pressing a Home button. My bet? A gesture similar to opening the Control Center from the bottom. In a few months, we will leave doubts.

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