Apple announces the news that will bring iOS 11.3 in the spring: improvements in ARKit, messages, battery management, and health

 iOS 11.3
In an unusual move for the California company, Apple has just announced the news that will bring iOS 11.3 this spring. These are all the new features we will see on our compatible iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.

iOS 11.3: improvements in ARKit and Animoji

With this update, Apple adds four major improvements in iOS. The first one is ARKit 1.5, the new version of the development framework that will allow app developers to expand the uses of this technology.

If ARKit 1.0 allowed recognizing objects placed horizontally, version 1.5 extends its recognition to vertical objects. Now, the apps are going to be able to place objects on these surfaces. One use mentioned by Apple is the possibility of recognizing posters of films and signals in 2D and playing the video about them, such as in a museum.

Additionally, the resolution of the images increases by 50% and developers can use the automatic focus to improve the monitoring of our environment.

As for the Animoji, it was to be expected that Apple would add newly animated emojis. With iOS 11.3, iPhone X users can disguise their faces with a lion, dragon, bear or a skull. The latter draws attention due to the success of the film Coco de Pixar, focused on the Mexican celebration of the Day of the Dead.

Finally, Apple has added a small improvement to iMessage. This is Business Chat, a functionality through which we can chat with the technical support of certain companies. It will be in a pilot program with a handful of American companies, similar to WhatsApp Business.

Medical history and battery management, the most anticipated improvement

A functionality that will also come with iOS 11.3 will be the ability to manage all our medical history. This new feature is located within the iOS Health app, where our medical data will be grouped both from the app itself and from our hospitals and clinics.

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It is a very interesting feature that pushes a little more the initiative to integrate health in a single site and give more control to the patient and user of the iPhone. For now, it will only work with participating hospitals and clinics in the US. The data is encrypted and password protected.

In addition, the user can receive on his iPhone the laboratory tests that have been performed, as well as the medicines to be taken, treatments, etc.

Finally, and probably what many users expected, is the new iPhone performance and battery management. Apple has not yet provided an image of how this menu will be and we will have to wait for the developer beta this afternoon, but has already announced what functions we can expect.

iOS 11.3 will bring a new feature the management of the battery of the iPhone

First, we will see if Apple recommends replacing our battery when it is the case and we have an iPhone 6 or higher. Secondly, users of iOS 11.3 will be able to see if the functionality that prevented the blackouts and prioritized the autonomy of the iPhone is activated or not. And third, there will be the option to deactivate it.

These measures fall within what the company announced a few days ago as a result of the controversy over the batteries and performance of the iPhone. We will have to wait until the spring to be able to make use of all these functions.

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