IOS 10.3 fixes a security vulnerability on Safari for iPhone and iPad

Apple iOS 10.3  is available for download for owners of iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

IOS 10.3 fixes a security vulnerability on Safari for iPhone and iPad
This one brings some innovations, but especially corrects a security flaw that allowed hackers to ransom the users of Safari

Our colleagues report that in addition to the few innovations that were expected, the problem that affected users of the mobile version of the Safari browser has been resolved.

This flaw allowed malicious people to take advantage of a bug in Google’s pop-up code.

These pop-ups could be looped and brought the user onto a page masquerading as an official cyber-crime website and shamelessly displaying logos of official bodies such as Interpol.

On this page, the user was accused of having committed an offense, often in connection with pornography or illegal downloading.

This is the entry point for hackers who seemed to choose their targets based on their browsing cache, including pornographic sites or illegal music downloads.

To recover the use of their browser, the victims then had to pay a “fine” in the form of an iTunes gift card.

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If it seems clear that the day when the fines are settled in this way has not yet happened, the less savvy consumers could then be trapped, for fear of seeing their practices – sometimes legal ones – revealed.

To unlock Safari of these pop-ups in a loop, it was enough however to empty the cache of its navigator.

This extortion attempt is no longer current with the iOS 10.3. update

A new version that brings features such as Find my AirPods, which makes it possible to find its wireless headphones, the possibility for the developers to answer the comments on the App Store or new developments on the side of CarPlay.

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