If you have problems after installing Creators Update, you can return to the previous version of Windows

Although the official arrival date of Windows 10 Creators Update is April 11, Microsoft already allows us to download and install new version through the update tools and the process is extremely simple.

Windows 10 Creators Update

The problem is that the chances of success are not 100%, the update may fail and end with a computer full of errors or completely useless.

Microsoft always warns that such tools are targeted to advanced users or tech savvy people. After all, next week will come through the simple Windows Update Manager.

If you are very impatient and decide to risk and try to upgrade Windows 10 with the Microsoft tool, you may receive several errors in the process that prevent you from continuing, or you may even get to the new privacy settings window and when you think you are Point to log in you get a black screen and nothing else .

We have bad news: your update failed. The good news is you do not need to despair yet, nor is it formatting your only option. You can go back to the previous version of Windows and everything will be as before.

How to go back to a previous compilation

If you have access to the Windows desktop, press the Windows + I key to access the Settings.

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Then click Update and Security and in the left side menu choose Recovery option and then click on “Start” in the field Return to previous compilation.

If you do not have access to the Windows desktop, you can run the advanced startup options from the login screen. Simply press the SHIFT or SHIFT key and at the same time click the power off icon to display the power options and select Restart.

This will open a new boot menu with several options. Choose Troubleshoot problems.

Then choose Advanced.

On the Advanced Options screen, choose View More Recovery Options.

And finally, the bright option to Revert to the previous compilation will appear. Once you press that button you just have to wait for Windows to do its thing and if everything goes well you should return to your system just as it was before you decided to install Creators Update.

If you had problems it is best to wait for the update next April 11, so you will not die for having to endure another week.

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