If you’re in the UK, HTC Vive’s shipping cost is eye-wateringly high

The HTC Vive pre-order page is now live, revealing that UK and Australian buyers will be coughing up a lot more on shipping than their US counterparts.

While it costs $30 to ship in the US (bringing the package price up to a total of $829), UK orders will have a £57.60 shipping price slapped on, which by direct conversion is over twice that of the US shipping cost, bringing the final price to £746.60.

Australians are facing a similar premium for postage at AU$110.

Yesterday, HTC announced the Vive prices for the UK and Australia, and while it’s understandably priced very high, the extra postage might make some people think twice about pre-orders.


While the Vive costs $200 more than the Oculus Rift, which is somewhat justified by the difference in hardware, but there’s no doubt that the UK and Australia are getting a bit of a rough deal.

With shipping added on, Brits are looking at three quarters of a grand. It’s a steep price to get in on the premium VR game early, but there’s no doubt that it will be worth it for plenty of people.

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