HTC plans to bundle and sell its Vive VR headset with optimized PCs

HTC has already started pre-orders for its HTC Vive virtual reality helmet for the price of $799 in the US. However, the company also plans to sell the Vive bundled with PCs that have been made to run the headset as well.

Buried in a chat with Fortune that mostly talks about a temporary glitch that caused some initial Vive online shoppers to think the headset was sold out (that glitch was quickly corrected), there’s this bit of news from Dan O’Brien, vice president of planning and product management for HTC Vive:

“We’ll have PC bundles with Vive-optimized PCs on our website soon and we’ll tell people they’ll have a great experience,” O’Brien promises. “But I don’t think PC bundles will be a major driver of sales.”

There’s no word on which PCs will be available to buy with the HTC Vive, nor is there any word on their cost. By the way, HTC did sell out of its initial shipment of the headset that are slated to ship in early April, but O’Brien says that current pre-orders will still ship out sometime in May.

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Source: Fortune

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