HTC One M10 name spotted on HTC’s own website

After a cheeky teaser last week, we now have more evidence that we’ll see the HTC One M10 arrive in the coming months.

There’s been much musing about the One M10 over whether HTC will stick with the codename regime it’s employed publicly since the One M8. Internally it was used for the original HTC One (M7), but that phone came out without a M-related suffix, and there have been questions over whether the ‘M10’ would take a new naming direction.

The HTC One M10 name has now been spotted on HTC’s website, in a drop down box for a customer services satisfaction survey.

The survey exists in two forms (here and here), and both end with a personal information box where it asks you to select the model of phone you have. It’s within this drop down where the HTC One M10 name can be found.

HTC One M10

HTC One M10

Say cheese

HTC One M10 - LEAK

How long the One M10 name has been hiding in this list is unclear, but TechTastic goes on to reveal a photo of a keyboard which claims to have been taken with the M10 too.

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It’s hardly a scintillating shot, but the EXIF data suggests the aperture will get a bump from f/2.2 on the M9 to f/1.9 on the M10, allowing more light in to improve low light snaps.

That fits in with previous leaks, with various rumours pointing towards a 12MP snapper on the rear on the handset set to rival the iPhone 6S and Samsung Galaxy S7.

While HTC is yet to set a date for the One M10 launch, current rumours suggest it’ll take place in London on April 11 – so fingers crossed there are only a few weeks to wait until we find out what it has in store for us.

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