HTC One M10 all but confirmed with chamfered edge-filled teaser

The teaser you see above just popped up in our inbox, and it no doubt heralds the imminent arrival of the HTC M10.

All the teaser (it’s not an invite) says is “Power of 10” against the chamfered edge of a phone in background.

Our biggest clue about the device – aside from it almost certainly being called the M10 – is that it will have sharper edges than the HTC M9. Like the Ms before it, the M9 has rounded edges, but it looks like the M10 will depart from that design aesthetic.

HTC’s email tells us to stay tuned for more, so further details, like a launch date, time and place, are likely due before long.

The latest rumor has HTC holding an April 11 event in London to unveil the flagship. Its chief Android competitors – the Samsung Galaxy S7 and LG G5 – were announced this week at MWC 2016. While HTC is smart to give itself some distance from the buzz around these phones, hopefully, for its sake, the M10 has enough behind it to make the wait worthwhile.

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