HTC could drop the ‘One’ brand with the HTC 10

HTC’s next flagship smartphone is still a bit of a mystery, and that includes its name. Its development name is apparently Perfume, and while we’ve been referring to the handset as the HTC One M10 a new leak suggests it’ll be slightly different come launch.

Famed phone leaker Evan Blass (aka @evleaks) has posted a short, sweet tweet which simply reads, “You heard it here first: HTC 10”.

If true (and there’s no guarantee yet), it means HTC would be dropping the ‘One’ brand it introduced back in 2012 with the HTC One X, as well as the ‘M’ handle which made an appearance internally with the HTC One (M7) and then externally with the launch of the HTC One M8 in 2014.


HTC’s flagship device is in need of a serious shakeup with the likes of Samsung and LG pulling ahead with the launch of the Galaxy S7 and G5 respectively – another iterative update along the lines of the One M9 is unlikely to cut it this year.

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The new name could be the signal that HTC is ready to reinvent its flagship offering.

Not the one

Folks were quick to question Blass on Twitter surrounding his cryptic tweet, with some suggesting that perhaps this could be a Windows 10 handset from HTC, but the leaker has put minds at rest.

“Guess I can appreciate the optimism, Windows fans, but the answer is no. Every time, w every phone, answer is no :/” Blass wrote.

The HTC One M10 (or HTC 10) launch is currently tipped for April, and we’ll be bringing you all the latest news, leaks and rumours as they happen.

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