HTC calls to gather its most loyal users to defend HTC U11

HTC calls collectively the most affectionate users of the Elevate community, to make good publicity to the HTC U11 and respond to the negative comments of those who will try to put the expected top range in a bad light.

htc u11
With a clear, direct message, HTC exhorts its faithful to “fight” against those who will speak badly about the new top of the range, almost fearing a public response to the recent announcement of delayed shipments – HTC U11 is about to arrive but there are A couple of weeks late.

The message clearly requires intervention within blogs, communities, and social media.

htc u11

The company will reward with all kinds of gifts that will keep the commitment.

A fairly unusual move that might not be enough to appease haters and negative reviews of users wishing to touch HTC U11 handy.

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