How to Unlock Windows 7 Computer if You Forgot Login Password

Passwords are a very important thing which keeps important things protected on your computer.

Everyone tries to give a password which is easy to remember but not so easy that anyone can bypass it. Trying to create a hard password which can’t be bypass easily can sometimes lead to forgetting it which in turn becomes a problem to login to your own laptop or computer

But luckily there are two ways through which a user can reset the login password and unlock their Windows 7 computer or laptop. You can follow the steps which are mentioned below in detail for easy access to your laptop or computer.

Solution 1: Unlocking Windows 7 with a previously created Password Reset Disk

The password reset disk option happens to be the best recovery option given by Microsoft. If you forget your Windows 7 password then through this option you can reset your account’s password and login to your system.

With this tool one doesn’t have to download any program or such to unlock the computer, all one needs is to follow a few simple steps which are listed below. The steps which are given below shows the procedure to use the pre-created password in order to unlock the system.

Step 1: If an individual type the password which is incorrect then an option ‘Reset Password’ pops up.

Step 2: One would have to select that drive where password reset disk is situated.

Step 3: A window opens up where one has clicked the ‘Next’ button. This will let one make a new password for Windows. After the new password is created confirm the password and click the option ‘Next’.

Step 4: When this is completed, click on the ‘Finish’ button and close the window. Now the password is reset and you can unlock the system with the new password after it.

Solution 2: Unlocking Windows 7 with the Help of UUkeys Windows Password Recovery

Now solution 1 was for people who have a pre-created password. But this is the solution if the pre-created password has not been made. To unlock the system you would need three things a computer or laptop which can be accessed, a CD/DVD or USB device with a minimum of 250mb free space and UUkeys Windows Password Recovery software which can be downloaded from the internet.

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Step 1: Downloading and Installing UUkeys Windows Password Recovery Software

First and foremost you need to download this software from the internet and then install it on the laptop or computer which grants you normal access. The program makes a reset disk on the computer and then uses that to unlock the locked computer or laptop. This program should be run as administrator.

Step 2: Making a Password Reset Disk with CD/DVD or USB which is Bootable

Either a CD/DVD or a USB drive can be used to create reset disk. USB drive happens to be a better option as it is portable and in these modern times not every computer has a DVD drive in it. The steps are same whether using a USB drive or a CD/DVD on the computer with normal access.

First, insert the USB drive on the accessible computer. Choose drive name which you can get from the drop down option or list. Click on the button ‘Burn USB’. A message pops up in a new window which says burning successfully.

Step 3: Inserting USB drive on Locked Laptop or Computer and Booting It

After switching to your locked laptop change boot media to USB in BIOS SET UP. Insert USB recovery drive into the locked laptop and reboot it from USB. A window at start up will pop after this.

Step 4: Resetting Password to Unlock Windows 7 Laptop

First, from step 1 select Windows system. Choose a user to reset password which is usually admin user as it has more privileges. Next click on ‘Reset Password’. This resets the password and it becomes blank. Lastly, click ‘Reboot’ button and take USB out. Now without a password, one can enter into the laptop.

By following these steps you can easily unlock your Windows 7 laptop if you have forgotten the password. If a password reset disk is not created previously then the process is lengthy but with or without it pre-created one can unlock the locked system by simply going through the systems given in this article.

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