How is EA going to regain the gamers trust

Marketing Director of the Electronic Arts recently spoke about the company’s attempt to regain the trust of gamers.

Better late than never. After a series of disastrous launch, the EA realized they had lost a very large number of fans in recent years. As in this situation?

With games like SimCity, which did not allow players to play than when they were connected to the Internet, or Battlefield 4, which has had extremely serious problems with our servers.

Even the launch of Battlefield 3, one of the most successful gaming company, seems only a minor achievement compared to Call of Duty. That’s not to mention Star Wars: The Old Republic, which was to be a rival for World of Warcraft, but failed miserably. In these circumstances, the company’s marketing director said she now wants to regain the trust of gamers, and the first steps have been taken.

As stated Ars Technica, through the platform Origin, she now allows players to get their money back if they want to quit a game, and provides access to Free or older titles through a subscription . “We are excited about our progress, but still try to innovate for our players,” said Peter O’Reilly, director of marketing for EA.

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Although the reviews were unanimously positive Battlefield: Wars Battlefront and Star Hardlind a good start. And in terms of Need for Speed, we ignore for the moment all the problems with the hope that they will be dealt with via the free DLC that we will have in the future. In any case, the situation is much better now than it was in 2012, when she was declared a publication worst company in America.

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