HomePod, this is Apple’s response to the smartphone market

One of the main rumors hovering around the WWDC 2017 keynote was precisely the launch of a smart speaker, with which Apple would compete directly with companies like Google and Amazon.

The leaks were confirmed and Apple announced HomePod, a device that works with Siri and has as its main attraction the audio quality, above his work as a home assistant (the opposite of what Echo and Google Home are).

In fact, it is important to note that Apple compares the HomePod with the Sonos PLAY 3 because its new device has seven tweeters with directional control, a woofer and an A8 processor, which optimizes the audio frequencies according to the Dimensions of the room in which it is.

As for its appearance, it is a cylinder with a short body, rounded and covered by a fine mesh of fabric, from which stands out a colorful light located in its upper part.

According to Mashable’s impressions, after listening to five songs from four different genres, the device has a “very good audio” .

The HomePod offers 360 degree surround sound, which is able to learn from the space it is in, and then adjust any song consistent with the size of the room. In the middle’s words, no matter where they walked in the small listening room, the sound was always consistent.

Audio quality: impressions of WWDC17 attendees

Mashable also said that in the test space they noticed that the audio was not only strong but also enriching. To give some examples, the medium indicates that a classic song with a much less complex mix sounded warm, and that one of the songs of Kendrick Lamar was in charge of showing the skill of bass of the HomePod.

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“If the HomePod is like listening to a CD, Echo is like putting an AM radio,” Engadget.

On the other hand, comparing the work of the HomePod with his Sonos competition, one of the journalists from Business Insider says he did not realize how well the Apple speaker sounded until he listened to a nearby Sonos 3 that played the same songs .

“Sonos sounded good but the sound was not as rich as the HomePod and the echo sounded as if someone was singing through a tin a mile away . “

At this point, Engadget reminds us that the HomePod has a huge woofer and seven tweeters inside , all designed to make the audio sound as vivid as possible, no matter where in the room we are. Apple took a Somos 3 and an Amazon Echo demonstration zone so that attendees could compare all the speakers.

The experience is summarized by the medium in a single sentence: “if the HomePod is like listening to a CD, Echo is like putting an AM radio” .

At the moment we do not know any impressions related to the operation of Siri in HomePod, so we will have to wait a little longer for the speaker to undergo different reviews, which will tell if the experience with the assistant is as good as its sound.

HomePod will hit the US, Australian and UK markets by the end of 2017, and next year will debut in more countries.

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