Here’s why you shouldn’t feel guilty about sharing your Netflix password

Are you sharing your Netflix account password, or are you quietly leeching off your parents while in college?

It looks like Netflix CEO Reed Hastings is OK with that, saying during the Netflix conference call at CES 2016 last week that it was a “positive thing” that families were sharing their Netflix account information, according to CNET.

This isn’t exactly surprising, especially considering Netflix has reached almost half of US households and is in more than 70 million homes worldwide.

It’s also taking over the world – Netflix is now available in almost every single county, or at least 130 around the globe.

“We love people sharing Netflix,” he said. “It’s a positive thing, not a negative thing.”

This is because Netflix knows you’ll eventually sign up for your own account eventually.

Hastings explains that as kids grow up, they like to have control of their own life and as they starting earning their own income, they end up subscribing separately themselves.

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Of course, you should note that he is speaking about families or members of the one household sharing a Netflix account, not friends who live in separate households sharing a single account.

Currently, a standard Netflix subscription costs about $10 per month in the US for new subscribers, giving you access to watch it on two screen simultaneously, and about $12 for to watch it on four screens at once.

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