Here’s more evidence that the iPad Air 3 will be a smaller iPad Pro

Those of you hoping for a major overhaul of Apple’s flagship tablet may be disappointed, as leaks suggest the iPad Air 3 will be following in its predecessor’s footsteps rather closely.

What appear to be simple schematics for the iPad Air 3 were sent to Engadget, complete with dimensions, revealing a slate almost identical in size to the iPad Air 2.

In fact, the drawings note that the Air 3 could be ever so slightly wider and thicker, although we’re talking less than a millimetre in both directions.

There will be some new features though, as the designs show four speaker grills and a smart connector port – which have been rumoured in the past.

Leaked schematics (credit: Engadget)

Pro or con

This would see the iPad Air 3 fall more in line with Apple’s supersized iPad Pro which already sports the quad-speaker setup and the connector port for its keyboard accessory.

Finally, the schematics also appear to depict an LED flash on the rear of the slate – which would be a first for any iPad camera.

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Reports are currently tipping Apple to hold an event in March where we could see the launch of the Apple Watch 2, iPhone 6C/5SE and the iPad Air 3. That would be a crowded lineup.

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