Here’s how you’ll know better what is going on with your friends on Facebook

Facebook News Feed is OK. Not brilliant, especially on Windows Phone, but is mostly functional, even effective. However, Facebook believes that it can improve.

Usually, the main news that appears on top of the feed on the homepage of Facebook’s world interacts with the most. Those that do not have many likes or not as much access are sent down disappears into nothingness social network archives.

Well, a lot of people is unhappy that Facebook’s function, since many of the top posts in News Feed site are either sponsored or have an undue popularity that a large number of people dislike. In this sense, Facebook is planning to update your News Feed and prioritize news appearing on the list, relying both on interactions with users and the internal polls relevance. In short, the new News Feed could promote exciting news, but still niche is also slightly.

Anyway, I do not think there will be radical changes in terms extremely popular pages or celebrities since like sites are still the main currency of exchange on Facebook. However, small companies and news dedicated fewer people will have the opportunity to say a little louder.

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Anyway, the basic idea remains. Facebook is not going to risk money to promote postings or less mainstream news free of charge. If you have something to say that would interest a certain number of people, the safest strategy still remains Sponsorship News. At least this way you can be sure your post gets to all people interested in your topic.

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