A head on against Uber, Tesla

Tesla, one of the famous automobile manufacturers has recently launched two of their driverless cars Model X and Model S.

The sensors are equipped so well into the system that, they are able to recognize sign boards and signals as well. It might come as a shock to a few that Tesla has denied people to use these cars on the Uber platform.

When everyone watched the video, they were happy about it and thought of buying one for themselves. 

The regulations for each local may vary and depending on that the people can get one.

Regulation to be followed

It is stated in its legal clause that, people who would own this car can use it for personal use. They can use it for sharing rides among our families and friends, if we want to use it for business. 

It is allowed and legal only under Tesla’s network and not on any other ride-hailing companies. The detailed version of all the regulations to be followed will be issued next year.

Most of the car owners in present generation hardly drive around the city or their neighborhood. The usage of the cars by the owners is hardly anywhere around just 10 percent of all. 

There will be an increase in the use of personally owned self-driving cars if it’s a norm in the futures. The demand is more and the supply is less, the ratio proportion is not stable.

Safe and Secure Ride

Tesla wants to ensure that, mobility is available for each person who wants to commute. They would like to use their self-driven cars for ensuring a safe drive for its customers. We can hail their service anytime we would like to commute from one place to the other. It doesn’t matter where we are at that moment, but for sure will be escorted to our home safely.

There is a similar kind of clone script available on the market called the Rideyo; it is an Uber clone that has all the advanced features that are required in the taxi business.

Ride-hailing companies take on self-driving

Ride-hailing has already been making huge profits and making improvements in their services. They were a million dollar startup companies and now are making turnover of a few billion dollars. Uber started its journey in the year 2009; it has made huge profits from them. Then the rival Lyft came in the year 2012, giving a head on battle to Uber.

Both the companies have won millions of hearts and are flourishing. So, how is Tesla is going to survive all this and outgrow their competition and make a stand? On the other end, the ride-hailing companies have already started their testing phase in self-driving. Uber recently launched its self-driving service in Pittsburg for selected riders and the experience has been good for them.

Online order for Tesla Model S and Model X

We have an option of ordering the Tesla Model X and Model S which is designed with the self-driving technology. It can be done online, before doing so; we need to accept the disclaimer posted along with place order option. The detailed description of hosting our car for business purpose will be provided to us by 2017. Until then we are allowed to use it among our family and friends alone.

Once this model has been approved by the authorities of law, it will hit the roads. It will locate our location with the help of the request sent through the app. Once it is at our location, we can board the cab and it will take us to our destination. The best part of this new technology is that, we can use our phones while the machine is driving. No more, “DO NOT USE CELLPHONES, WHILE DRIVING”, is this not all we wanted?


That is a revolutionary step towards a better tomorrow, where lives are safe and accidents are out of the window. Human errors can be avoided easily if the machine is controlling everything. Tesla has designed a mobile application for people to hook up their vehicles for ride sharing. People, who will own a self driven car from Tesla, will be able to use it to make business.

Business with Tesla ride sharing

Best part of this self-driven car is that, we can make some money while we are at our work or on a vacation. As it is a self driven car, there is no need for a physical person to drive it. It can drive it to the places it has access to and will take the commuters to their preferred location. It is aiming to bring in the crowds who are using other services for ride-sharing purposes.

Presently the peer-peer sharing economy on ride sharing is ruled by Uber and remains on the top. The frequency of usage of their service is high and the public is well acquainted with it. Tesla is yet to make its way to reach the people and make them use its service. It knows that people prefer Uber, over all the other ride-hailing apps available for them to choose from.

But, the brand has a big name amongst the car lovers and people book for the cars even before its first look. That is the kind of trust they have developed in the hearts of the consumers and are glad about that. Tesla uses its own cars in its ride-hailing service for the people. People are happy to get a chance to ride in a Tesla, which they are unable to afford.

A ride with Tesla

People will get a chance to see how this whole autonomous car will be working. If they are planning to get one for themselves, they will know the whole working scenario. It is like that of a test drive, we get in a dealer’s showroom. While, this service will be only dealing with its own cars, the other companies use all brands.

Brand of cars are not limited when it comes to Uber or Lyft, they enlist all kinds of cars for service. It is for sure that, they are in for more business when compared to that of Tesla’s. But, Tesla says that, it has integrated all the automobiles to be efficient for automatic driving. We know that there is the autopilot mode already available in their vehicles.

Insurance claim for accidental damage

Now, the modification of the design model will enable a lot more access for it to make the ride seem seamless. There is something which is doubtful, if there is an accidental damage when the car is driving on its own. Will the company provide compensation? It is said that, the owner will be responsible for those kinds of consequences.

Only if they can find kind of fault in the design of then the company would take the responsibility in that case. So, if there is an accidental damage it would be up to our insurance for our car. This deal seems to be reasonable and credible enough on the part of the company as well as the general public. People are also concerned about the price of a fully decked vehicle with self-driving technology.

It may be a fact that, the cost may not be as reasonable as we expect it to be. But, the ride sharing will definitely make our rides with Tesla to be cost effective and affordable as well. It is clear that, all we want is that we want to have a comfortable ride which is cost effective. 

With the machines doing our work, we can relax and be glad that it will take care of us.

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