Hangouts 11 adds video messages

While we’re all sitting tight for the cutting edge informing applications from Google, Allo and Duo, Google is working diligently ensuring it upgrades its numerous other informing applications. Clearly, Google’s simply going to continue making new informing applications without resigning old ones, until the end of time.

The organization just discharged rendition 11 of Hangouts, it’s joined over-the-top and SMS customer for Android.

So what’s new? Initially, Android clients get an element that has been accessible on iOS for a short time now: video messages. This isn’t video talk, it’s sending a recorded message. While Google didn’t say to what extent the messages can be, the farthest point is 2 minutes on iOS, and we’d wager it’s the same on Android.

The other significant change is that Google has crippled the capacity to consolidation SMS and over-the-top (OTT) messages. The clarification from Google, by means of its bolster page, is as per the following:

Blended discussions used to give you a chance to see your Hangouts messages and instant messages in the same discussion. We have chosen to evacuate it since it brought about client disarray and had low utilization.

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For the best SMS content informing background, we prescribe utilizing Google’s Messenger application.

Hangouts 11 is taking off now through the Google Play store.

The effect on you: If you were truly into blended discussions on Hangouts, this is a bummer. It’s great that we’re at last getting video messages, yet Google’s scattered history with informing applications is a wreck. Flag-bearer keeps on being well known in light of the fact that it’s required in regions where clients might not have a Google account. Home bases do likewise, however not too, furthermore, gives OTT informing. Allo is en route this fall, and it looks wonderful, however, will it get on? On the off chance that Google is to battle Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp, it needs a solitary joined front.

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