Hands-on review: CES 2016: LG G6 Signature OLED 4K television

After a confident OLED-focused display at CES last year, it was a shame that LG’s presentation this year seemed to be more on a marketing strategy than products. But there was a silver lining.

The Signature range from LG pretty needlessly brought together a suite of premium products including an air purifier, fridge, washing machine and, not least, the very beautiful but ostentatious G6 television, available in 66- or 77-inch SKUs.

The Signature television is a beautifully crafted 4K OLED television with HDR Pro, a stand that doubles up as a soundbar and a thickness that means you could insert the majority of the panel between your floorboards.


First things first, that a jaw-dropping 2.57mm OLED panel is an amazing feat of engineering but the more cynical among us may whisper that it’s really pretty meaningless in the grand scheme of things – even if you are one of the limited number of people who have a house that has a television standing away from the wall.

There are weight advantages, of course, to a television that has had even more thickness shaved from it. But unless you move your television on a regular basis, keep it on display so people can ogle the near-invisible form-factor from the side or indulge in some kind of weird thin electronics competition with your friends, you might honestly suggest that an extra few mm don’t really add up to a hill of beans.

LG's beautiful television

But high-end electronics are allowed their design flourishes, and as LG strive to put their premium ahead of the rivals, it is the gild on the lily that gets the headlines.

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Fortunately, when you look beyond the glitter, this is a television of great substance. That panel might be thin, but it packs a pretty special visual punch.

Called ‘Picture on Glass’ by LG, you can see why – with the gorgeous OLED colours and those amazing blacks truly providing a stunning experience. HDR Pro might not mean a lot to the majority of the public – but one look at this television and the technology speaks for itself.

LG Signature 4K OLED G6

This screen confirms to the brand new Ultra HD Premium standard, which means that it is both brighter and also capable of displaying more of the color spectrum.

The design of the stand may be divisive but this block is more than just a means of holding up the panel, it is also a Harmon Kardon soundbar, solving the age-old problem of thin TVs and weedy speakers.

LG's beautiful panel

We’ve not had any real opportunity to check out how effective this speaker is, but it does have the rather nifty trick of being able to fold back for those who want to wall-mount their TV.

LG’s Signature TV is certainly deserving of its elevated position within the company’s range, and we’ll be awaiting the price reveal with interest.

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