The launch of The Diamond Casino & Resort is a success: never before have there been so many players in GTA Online

Grand Theft Auto V

Grand Theft Auto V is already a truly mass phenomenon, and its new update has aroused more interest than any previous event in its online mode.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, The Diamond Casino & Resort has gathered the highest number of players in GTA Online since the servers were activated almost six years ago. This achievement has not been left alone on the first day of the update but has maintained it throughout its first week. However, Rockstar has not yet given the exact figures of users.

This update was launched on July 23 and brought with it the most substantial content. The main thing is that the doors of the Diamond casino were opened, where players can play blackjack, roulette and much more. It also allows us to buy our own suite at the resort and customize it as we like, in addition to being able to participate in new missions both in history and free mode.

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GTA V is one of the best selling games in history, with 110 million units behind it, and going up. Its online aspect is what keeps it so alive, thanks to these free and constant updates. In 2014, it reached a whopping 33 million active players.

As a curiosity, GTA Online is experiencing a series of new trends among its user base. The latest fashion is roleplay, where users interact with each other playing their own characters.

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